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USA - AN/DAS-1 MTS-B (multispektrální zaměřovací systém)

AN/DAS-1 MTS-B (Multi-Spectral Targeting System)

Multispektrální zaměřovací systém AN/DAS-1 MTS-B
Multi-Spectral Targeting System AN/DAS-1 MTS-B

Rozpracováno / Under Construction

Multispektrální zaměřovací systém AN/DAS-1 MTS-B je umísten v otočném kulovém pouzdru pod nosem letounu a obsahuje:

- televizní kamery
- senzor infračerveného záření
- laserový dálkoměr
- laserový značkovač cílů

Text ze stránek výrobce:

Raytheon’s MTS-B Multi-Spectral Targeting System provides electro-optical, infrared, laser designation, and laser illumination capabilities integrated in a single sensor package.
The MTS-B provides superior detecting, ranging, and tracking for the U.S. Air Force Predator B and for today’s military forces worldwide. Using state-of-the-art digital architecture, this advanced system provides long-range surveillance, high-altitude target acquisition, tracking, rangefinding, and laser designation for the HELLFIRE missile and for all tri-service and NATO laser-guided munitions.
The MTS and variants are available to support domestic and international user missions for rotary-wing, UAV, and fixed-wing platforms.
With advanced electronics and optical design driving a clear growth path for image fusion and other performance enhancements, the MTS system will continue to be the world’s most advanced EO/IR multi-use system.

Zdroje informace:
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USA - AN/DAS-1 MTS-B (multispektrální zaměřovací systém) - Raytheon - řada MTS

Raytheon - řada MTS
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