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Skaistlauks, Voldemars

General Voldemārs SKAISTLAUKS (L.k.o.k.) (6 Sep 1892 - 9 Oct 1972)
After service in the Russian Army and a period as POW of the Germans, joined the Latvian Army on February 18, 1919 as 1st Lieutenant. When the Russians occupied Latvia in 1940, he was taken over into Red Army as Artillery Commander of the XXIV. Territorial Corps, with the rank of Major-General, but later dismissed. During the German occupation, he was Commander of Artillery of the 15. (Latvian) SS Grenadier Division, with the SS rank of Oberführer. After the war Skaistlauks lived in Germany until his death.

18 Feb 1919 - Aug 1919: Artillery Battery Commander, Valmiera Infantry Regiment
Aug 1919 - Jan 1920: Artillery Battery Commander, Vidzeme Artillery Regiment
(Oct 1919: Promoted to Captain)
Jan 1920 - 1922: Artillery Battalion Commander, Zemgale Artillery Regiment
(1922: Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel)
1922 - Nov 1928: Chief of Staff, Artillery Inspectorate
(1925: Promoted to Colonel)
Nov 1928 - Dec 1932: Commander, Vidzeme Artillery Regiment
Dec 1932 - Jan 1935: Chief of Staff, Artillery Inspectorate
Jan 1935 - Aug 1940: Commander, Vidzeme Artillery Regiment
(Aug 1940: Promoted to General)
Aug 1940 - 27 Sep 1940: Deputy Commanding General, 1. Kurzemes Division

Principal Sources:
Lāčplēša Kara Ordeņa Kavalieri, published by Latvijas Valsts Vēstures Arhīvs
Latvijas Armijas Augstākie Virsnieki, published by Latvijas Valsts Vēstures Arhīvs
Latvijas Bruņotie Spēki, by Edgars Andersons
The Armed Forces of Latvia 1918 - 1940, by Andris J. Kursietis
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Voldemars Skaistlauks

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