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11. Summary

The main objective of this study was to reconstruct the paths Regensburg particular period, which begins in Starý Plzenec and ends at the border of the Czech Republic in the early Middle Ages. After studying written or cartographic documents, the obtained results were subsequently verified using non-destructive research.

Based on the field prospecting there were found seven sites, in which were identified a total of 55 relicts communications. It is in Hradec Stod, Semošice, Meclov, Pivoň, Česká Kubice, Domažlice and Dolní Folmava.


The evaluation of spatial characteristics revealed that the highest number of relicts communications (96%), which are consisting of a multiple systems are maintained in a forest at higher altitudes (350-370 meters above sea level and 400 to 420 meters above sea level) at a higher field gradient, where they cut into the slopes. In several cases, they are declining to place the local ford streams.

Although these pathways are no longer being used as a communication, their direction is used by the current path. Furthermore, it was found that these relicts preserved mostly 1 - 1.5 m wide at the bottom, where their status depends on the geological bedrock on which it is located.

Since the field of prospecting and even archaeological research didn’t show any absolute data, I can only assume that these sections of trail Regensburg really led through here.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to explore these sites with metal detector in the future. After evaluating all the results it was found that the Regensburg trail could have led through several branches. The first "Main" apparently led to Domažlice Folmava from where it was divided into "North" direction, which went on Horšovský Týn and Staňkov and "Northeast" direction, which led to Blížejov, Staňkov at Stod to Hradec. From here continued through Chotěšov, Dobřany, Starý Plzenec. I assume that in addition to this "Main" branch there was still a "Secondary" one. This could lead from Domažlice through Srbice, Bijadla u Merklína to Dnešice, where apparently continued to Dobřany and there joined the "Main" branches. However, this branch is only hypothetical, in this section wasn’t found any relict. Therefore it would be appropriate, that individual parts of both branches were investigated in the future, verifying e.g. by Lidar scans.



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Autor : 🕔17.10.2013 📕10.567