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Keizerlings, Archibalds

Admiral Archibalds Grāfs KEIZERLINGS (18 Nov 1882 - 5 Dec 1951)
After service in the Russian Navy and the German Baltic Landeswehr, joined the Latvian Army as Lieutenant-Commander in August 1919. In late 1939 moved to Germany and after as brief stay in Austria returned to Germany where he lived out the remainder of his days.

Aug 1919 - 1 Apr 1920: Attached to Landeswehr units
1 Apr 1920 - Jun 1924: Special Purposes Officer for Naval Questions, General Staff
(1921: Promoted to Naval Captain)
Jun 1924 - Sep 1931: Commander of the Naval Squadron (Fleet)
(1927: Promoted to Admiral)
Sep 1931: Retired

Principal Sources:
Lāčplēša Kara Ordeņa Kavalieri, published by Latvijas Valsts Vēstures Arhīvs
Latvijas Armijas Augstākie Virsnieki, published by Latvijas Valsts Vēstures Arhīvs
Latvijas Bruņotie Spēki, by Edgars Andersons
The Armed Forces of Latvia 1918 - 1940, by Andris J. Kursietis
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Archibalds Keizerlings

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