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Velitelství protivzdušné obrany [1940-1944]

Air Defense Command

Air Defence Command / Veliteľstvo protivzdušnej obrany

Vznik: 26.02.1940

Nadriadený stupeň:
First Army (02.03.1940 - 09.09.1941)

First Air Force
Second Air Force
Third Air Force
Fourth Air Force

Zánik: 1944

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There was general agreement that the War Department ought to create a new type of command that could exercise control over the various air defense elements in an emergency. The Air Corps wanted this new organization to be under the GHQ Air Force. After much discussion General Marshall decided to create an experimental Air Defense Command in the northeastern United States and to place it under the First Army. The War Department specified that its commander, although put under First Army Command, should be free to co-ordinate details of his work with the GHQ Air Force and corps area commanders.
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