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Terorist in EU.

Terorista v EU.

Probably used unlegally an identification of Géraldine Koffi in 2012 probably by China and Rusia. This contries aren't allow to talk by name of the French identification called Géraldine Koffi. Serious abusedment the family Kubalokovi in Moravia at 2012. Some Russian soldiger has beech chvástal se, We killed him, than serious abusedment by the Russian soldiger the British aristocrat who is a woman. Than serious trying to stole the British aristocrat the the probably Russian unwanted system (Nejdek). Can anybody to chech what does it mean that the aristocracy from West Europe is probably next one by one? The Czech Royal family. The Moravian Royal family.The Grand Moravian Empire family are hidden in the office clerks map.
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?? what ?
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