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L-29C 3409, 3234, 3233, 3249, 3244


REGARD L-29C aircraft in USA
The folowing L-29C aircraft have been sold by Czech MOD

The airplanes are now all located in eastern USA and are for sale. I am trying to find the REAL and actual Owner of the aircrafts. Is it a Czech company or person in USA? Several people say they own these and I find that not to be true. Does anyone have any information???? Airplanes were last at Hradec Kralove or Pardubice before coming to USA.
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Hello, I am looking for history of L-29 3249 and photos. I have a photo of this airplane with 28th Fighter Bombardment Regiment Caslav painted on side. Spring 1994to 1995. I want to know where aircraft was before and after this time. Also any photos . thanks Robert Schwartz USA
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