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Czechoslowakian incendentary bottle

Hi! I found this incendentary bottle on. Could anyone translate the instruction?
Witam! Pod podanym wyżej linkiem znajduje się zdjęcie czechosłowackiej butelki zapalającej. Czy ktoś z Was mógł przetłumaczyć instrukcję?
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Instructions for use of bottle fiiled with incendiary mixture against tanks and armoured vehicles

1. The ignition phial should be inserted just before the use
2. For adjustation of the bottle by inserting ignition phial - remove cork by pulling the string and carefully insert the ignition phial with paper buffer first (to the bottom of bottle), then close the bottle by pushing cork into the neck of bottle. During adjustation aim the neck of bottle forward, do not forget – broken ignition phial may cause burns.
3. For adjustation of the bottle by cord primer wind it around the bottle and fix that by rubber band or lace.
4. Take cover in the foxhole, blast hole or in bush, behind the bank, behind the fence or inside the building.
5. Observe approaching tank or armoured vehicle, wait till it comes to the distance of 15-20 metres. Stand up or kneel down and toss the bottle on the target to hit the engine cover (the engine is located in the rear part of tank or in frontal part of armoured car)!

Important notice: I hope this is for museum purposes, for studying history and NOT FOR ACTIVATION OF ABOVE MENTIONED BOTTLE. Every manipulation could cause fire and may burn reckless person.
I strictly recommend to ask for Police or better EOD assistance!!!
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Thank You! I need this information only for my master's degree work. I do not intend to touch any unexploded ordnance and things similar to that Smile
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