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Czechoslovakian paratroopers uniform in the early 50s

search info about para smock

Good day!
I search info about Czech paras uniform in the early 50s
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To yan2309: the topic is pretty wide and a bit complicated. Could you be so kind and provide more input data? Can you specify type of uniform you are interested in?
Have you ever read/seen books Červené barety (Maroon berets written by Jiří ŠOLC) and Výsadkáři a průzkumníci československé a české armády (Paras and recce soldiers of Czechoslovak and Czech Armed Forces written by Michal KONÍČEK and his colleagues)?
The period you are interested in (early fifties) has been well covered in these above mentioned books.
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Good afternoon!
I’m interested with uniform Vz.19 and para jump smock. Was this blouse similar a Denison smock? Had it a «beaver tail»?
I didn’t read these books. I’ll say “thanks” if you will recommend some Internet shop, where I can buy them. (I live in Russia, in the Far East)
I’m sorry for my English.
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To yan 2309: contact me via Private messages (Soukromé zprávy) and provide your personal e-mail.
I do not know whether the books are offered by e-shops but I am sure some scans could be enough...
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Good Day! Its I again
I have some questions about RD-47 backpack.
I saw a backpack in position « for a jump » (Thanks Palic), but its big part has been closed by a parachute .
Somebody can show, what this subject was?
I have found figure of the Egyptian paratrooper. His web gear it is very similar to the Czech sample. Somebody has information?

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Hello yan2309...
RD-47 has been mentioned here,
please, follow the link:
then scroll down and find a picture catching two Czechoslovak paras unpacking tarasnice bazooka from a parachute container.
These two guys are carrying RD-47 backpack in "run away" or "carry all the day long" position.
There must be another picture in the same topic catching the way RD-47 harness was made a bit softer by adding extra pads...
When speaking about picture shown in your last post I have to say I would expect Egyptian paras using materiel of Soviet origin but who can say...

Hope this helps a bit..
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Good afternoon!

I have tried to draw (schematically) RD-47 backpack without web gear.

«Don’t shoot at the musician, he has played as could»
At the left -in position «for a jump», at the right –in «run away» position.
These variants are probable?

Not clearly as the average section was closed.
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Hello yan 2309,
bloody well done, you have hit the Bullseye!
There should be "Y" shaped carrying harness with "H" forming connection piece on frontal two straps.
Keep the way!
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